Kimbo's Cookies

The story of Kimbo's Cookies

Kimbo's Cookies opened in August of 2011. After four years of sobriety, I was unable to find work. No one would hire me because of my past. In December of 2010, with five dollars in my pocket, I spread the word on Face Book that I make the best fudge in the world. I used that five dollars to buy my first ingredients and sold 39 pounds of fudge.

It was enough to pay the bills for that month.

I started getting requests from people for cupcakes and birthday cakes, so I began researching cake decorating. I found it fascinating and we scraped by financially while I continued to look for work.

In February of 2011, my son, Andy, decided he wanted a wedding cake for his birthday. (Click the links for more info about this. You'll be happy you did.) I'm the last person to set limits on my son, but let's face it - he's probably not going to get married. So if a wedding cake is what he wants, who am I to deny him?

While working on his cake, I wanted to make chocolate roses for it, and thus began my education in chocolate. I found that I loved working with this medium and started making chocolate stilettos, which were a huge hit...until one showed up in Texas that Easter in a puddle. Shipping chocolate during warm weather was not worth the expense of ice packs and insulated boxes.

So in August of that year, while sitting and staring at the computer, I got an e-mail from a big-name designer cookie company. I'd ordered from them before, so I was on their e-mail list. I started wondering, "How do they make their cookies look so pretty?" I began researching again, reading tons of blogs, watching countless You Tube videos and looking at thousands of pictures of decorated cookies on the Internet. Then I started practicing and posting pictures for my friends on Face Book. This, I discovered, was what I wanted to do. I opened a store on Etsy and called it Kimbo's Cookies.

And there you have it. I have a web site now and a dedicated Kimbo's Cookies Face Book page where you can find TONS of pictures of my cookies. My company will be featured in the December 2012 issue of Women's Day magazine, which will be available Nov. 15th, 2012.

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