Saturday, January 29, 2011

'Cuz I am whatever I say I am

I'm trying to get my groove back in anticipation of upcoming events. I updated my Twitter and Linked In accounts, linked my Facebook, Blogger and Twitter accounts so I can update from one to another with the click of a button, I've started talking about the book again...

It's overwhelming, making sure I've got all the social networking bases covered, but that's what I need to keep on top of in order to expand my platform. Yes. I said expand my platform, which implies that one already exists, because it does. In my mind.

In my mind, I'm published. In my mind, I have an audience of people who's lives I've touched and who've touched mine. In my mind, I answer every letter and e-mail I get from people all over the world who've read my book and connected with something I said. In my mind, my second book is close to publication.

Fantasy? Not exactly. It's the law of attraction. Whatever I give energy to is what I'm going to get more of.

The concept was first introduced to me when I was in rehab at the Walker Center in 2006. Being of extremely unsound mind and body at the time, I wrote it off as a lot of new-age bullshit. It's difficult to get your mind around new concepts when you can't even see straight.

But the seed was planted and as I stumbled through my first couple of years of recovery, I heard about it more. About two years ago, I started actively using the principles of the law of attraction - tentatively at first, and even still. It works. And it'll keep working as long as I keep working at it. Which is the direction I want to take with this blog. I have a lot of anecdotal evidence to share with you, and I have a strong feeling that there is more in the very near future.

We'll talk more...

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