Friday, March 18, 2011

The Other Faces of Meth

I've posted lists like this before - headlines from around the country - and I'm extending the list here. I do this, not as a way to sensationalize the problem, but to show the other side. Meth addicts aren't all diseased looking skeletal figures lurking in alley ways in search of the next fix. Some of us, even at the height of our addiction, were people you would never suspect of having ANY kind of drug problem.

Think of it this way: If someone from the infamous "Faces of Meth" poster offered you drugs, would you take them? No way in hell! Why? Because you don't want to end up like them. But what if the person offering looked "normal," was upstanding, maybe even a leader in the community? You might think differently.

It's dangerous to think of a certain type of person as the enemy when the enemy is all around. The enemy is meth, regardless of the packaging. To think that meth addiction can only happen to "people like that," is dangerous.

It's not them you need to be afraid of. It's us. People like:

Pickens Judge Indicted, Arrested On Another Drug Charge - Charged With Methamphetamine Possession Twice In Less Than Two Weeks.

Principal Of Alternative Learning School, Plus 27 Others Indicted As Members Of A Meth Ring.

Daycare Was Doubling As A Methamphetamine Lab - Owners Charged.

Teacher Accused Of Selling Methamphetamine From School.

Spencer County Chief Deputy, 7 Others Indicted On Meth Manufacturing Charges.

Wife Of County Judge Charged With Meth Possession

A Highly Decorated 18-Year Veteran Of The Oakland County Sheriff's Department Charged With Possession Of Methamphetamine - Found Unconscious In Truck With Belt Around His Arm And A Syringe In His Lap.

Luna County Sheriff's Deputy Charged With Possession Of Methamphetamine.

22 Year Veteran Of Honolulu Police Force Gets Five Years Prison For Selling Methamphetamine

81 Year-Old Man Faces Up To 12 Years In Prison After Being Convicted Of Selling Methamphetamine.

Retired St. Paul Police Officer Pleads Guilty To Possession Of 12 Pounds Of Methamphetamine With Intent To Distribute

Speech Language Pathologist With Fort Smith School District Accused Of Delivery Of Methamphetamine.

50 Year Old Elementary School Art Teacher Charged With Keeping Meth In Desk

Anti-Drug Investigator charged with stealing seven kilos of methamphetamine.

Award-winning Anti-Drug Essayist Gets 10 Years For Distributing Meth

Special Education Teacher In Oahu Accused Of Dealing Crystal Meth

83 Year Old Woman Accused Of Attempting To Smuggle 10 Pounds Of Meth

Fernley Intermediate School Teacher And Husband Charged With Selling Methamphetamine

First Grade Elementary School Teacher Arrested For Allegedly Possessing Methamphetamine

Animal Control Officer Arrested For Possession Of Methamphetamine

One Of The Nation's Most Influential Evangelical Leaders Admits To Buying Methamphetamine

Drug Counselor In New York Charged With Operating Meth Lab

Children's Aid Society Worker Convicted Of Trafficking A Kilo Of Methamphetamine

Citibank VP Had A Meth Lab In His Penthouse

Former Bank Of America Manager And Meth Addict Commits Suicide In Jail

Doctoral Student And Fullbright Scholar At Columbia University Charged With Making Meth

Cook County Assistant States Attorney Charged With Meth Possession

Senior Citizen Was Selling Crystal Methamphetamine From Home

Moss Point Police Officer Arrested For Possession With Intent To Distribute Methamphetamine

Former Hutchinson Correctional Facility Employee Pleads Guilty To Trafficking Methamphetamine

Prominent Estate Lawyer Arrested For Methamphetamine

Louisiana Doctor Pleads Guilty To Buying Half Pound Of Methamphetamine

Member Of The Crystal Lake City Council Charged With Possession Of Methamphetamine

Mayor, Police Chief, Police Dispatcher, Bail Bondsman Face Charges Involving Methamphetamine, Theft, Sex Ring

Wabash Valley Correctional Facility Officer Arrested For Financing Delivery Of Methamphetamine

First Grade teacher at Christ the King School Arrested In Maui's Biggest Drug Bust - 14 1/2 Pounds Of Cocaine, 6 Pounds Of Crystal Methamphetamine Seized

Former Howard High School Teacher Sentenced To Six Years For Meth Distribution Conspiracy

Former County Prosecutor On Drug Charges - Detectives Discover Methamphetamine, Guns And Drug Paraphernalia In Attorney's Home

Former National Merit Scholar Semi-Finalist With BA In Psychology and Olympic Track Aspirations Pleads Guilty To Murdering Girlfriend During "Methamphetamine-Induced Psychosis"

Former River Hill High School Teacher Sentenced To 6 1/2 Years For Scheme To Sell $ 50,000 Worth Of Methamphetamine

Former Brownwood Police Officer Sentenced In Methamphetamine Distribution Conspiracy

75 Year Old Grandmother Sold Methamphetamine From Home

Special Education Aide At Carson City School District Arrested For Suspicion Of Felony Possession Of Methamphetamine

Employee Of Health And Human Services Arrested On Suspicion Of Felony Trafficking In Methamphetamine

50 Year Old Middle School Principal In Pennsylvania Accused Of Dealing Methamphetamine From His Office

Ex-Township Supervisor In Michigan Pleads Guilty In Meth Case

Kids Soccer Coach In Michigan Arrested On Charges Of Manufacturing/Delivery Of Methamphetamine

Former California State Prison Guard Pleads Guilty To Smuggling Methamphetamine Into Amador County Prison And Delivering It To Inmates

Daughter Of Chief Justice In Canada Pleads Guilty To Several Charges Relating To Identity Fraud - Family Says Addiction To Crystal Meth Is To Blame

Man Described As A Model Citizen And Family Man Behind New Jersey's Largest Ever Meth Seizure

Iowa Doctor Arrested For Possession With Intent To Deliver After 11 Pounds Of Meth Found In His Home

47 Year Old Pottsboro Dentist Arrested for Meth Use

Second Lawyer In Two Weeks Arrested For Selling Meth To Police Informant In Evansville

Probation Officer Arrested For Selling Methamphetamine

Attorney, Chairman of National Drug Council Convicted Of Meth Possession (Cayman Islands)

Police Chief In Damascus Virginia Charged With Selling Meth To Undercover Informant

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