Monday, September 17, 2012

It's all happening

It's all's all  happening

Happy one-month birthday, Crystal Clean. I'm very proud of my memoir and the response from readers. I don't know which I feared most: how people would react to my writing or the story itself. So far, the only tears I've shed have been tears of joy.

Some upcoming events:

October 1st - There will be an article about me, my book and my business, Kimbo's Cookies. Ashley Brown interviewed me for the Independent News and I can't wait to read it.

October 30th - I will take a much needed 7 day vacation to prepare for the...

November 15th - Kimbo's Cookies will be featured in the December issue of Women's Day magazine. The issue will be available Nov. 15th.

I have no idea what to expect when this article comes out. Women's Day has a monthly circulation of almost 4 million readers. I'm hoping for a giant leap for my cookie business. I'm also a little nervous about how big that leap will be. How do you prepare for something this big? Do I make a zillion undecorated cookies in advance? How do I know what shapes to make? Do I have enough supplies? How much will I need? Should I get bionic implants sometime in late October, or would a lobotomy suffice?

Many questions and few answers. There's just no way of knowing what will happen - which is part of the excitement. What I am planning on doing is offering pre-issue discounts for my existing customers and supporters. I'll keep everyone posted about this, so you might want to "like" my Kimbo's Cookies Face Book page as well as start following this blog. That way you'll know when to place your orders to ensure a spot on the schedule. You'll also receive notifications about my book and when it might go on sale.

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  1. Kim, that's all so exciting! I'm thrilled for you!

    Whatever choices you make (I'd skip the lobotomy but that's just me) I know you'll do great!