Monday, July 20, 2009


This is for everyone, addict or normie, but it's especially for Bobby*. Hang in there, man! Also for Karen**, because I know you read this regularly and love my cooking. ;)
*not his real name
**her real name did the bread go over? Did anyone make it? (Is there anybody out there?)

Well, the best thing to go with warm, homemade bread, is hot, homemade soup - yes, even in the summer. Keeping in line with yesterday's post, it's also cheap to make, filling and 'souper' nutritious. (I know, I know... you don't have to say it.)

Get out your chef hats and aprons, 'cuz here we go!

Healthy Vegetable Soup

You'll need a big-ass pot. The kind your mother made spaghetti or soup in when you were a kid.

(What? You don't have a big-ass pot? Shut the hell up and read yesterday's post.)

This soup is simple and it's also vegan/vegetarian.

1 small bag frozen corn ($1.25 for cheap stuff - corn is corn)
1 small bag frozen mixed veggies ($1.25 tops - see note above)
1 small bag frozen green beans ($1.25 - see note above, above)
1 cup pearl barley ($.50 - buy it in bulk)
1 jar salsa ($3.00 - this will be the most expensive ingredient, but it's worth it)
1 cup chopped celery ($.50 max)
1 cup chopped carrots, frozen or fresh ($1.25 max)
1 large potato cut into small cubes - skin and all ($.50 max)
salt & pepper to taste

Throw all this into your big-ass pot, fill almost to the top with water, simmer until the barley is done and the potato is fork-tender. That's it! If you're single, you can eat this a couple of times a day and it will last over a week.

Grand total: $18.28 for a good week's worth of nutrition. If it lasts 7 days, and it definitely will, you're looking at $2.61/day. Less than a McDonald's combo meal.

I usually throw in some ground flax seed, too. I use flax in almost everything because it's my source of Omega 3 and a great source of fiber for the little amount you'll use. Being a vegetarian, I don't eat fish, so this is how I cover the Omega base. Flax is optional. Just as cayenne pepper, Tabasco, fresh veggies or anything else you want to throw into the pot. I don't recommend pasta, because by the second or third day, those noodles will turn to an unappetizing mush.

Bon Appetit!


  1. Thanks for the recipes !

    Very nutritous.

    Was your vegetarianism gradual or have you always been vegetarian ?

    Can I put in a request for an indulgent vegetarian delight ? I've been eating croissants with olive oil and basil.

  2. I became vegan last December, but in February, I had an overwhelming craving for eggs. Now I'm a vegatarian, although I eat very little cheese (only on tacos) and only drink soy milk.

  3. I'm vegetarian too, have been all my life. I have a lot of respect for vegans too.

    This soup looks like a great recipe. I make a lot of soups at home and I'll try this one.