Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Walker Center

In November, 2006, I went to the Walker Center in Gooding, Idaho for 30 day in-patient rehab for my addiction to meth. I had used drugs since I was twelve years old but it was because of meth that I ended up at the Walker Center.

For just over five years prior to going to rehab, I smoked meth every day without fail. All day, every day. Without exception.

A series of circumstances finally led me to admit to my parents that I was an addict and needed help. I looked at a lot of drug treatment centers before deciding on The Walker Center. There were several reasons for choosing this particular rehab center, only one of them being the cost.

What I would like to discuss here is a little known option for drug and alcohol rehab treatment - The Walker Center.

I researched numerous facilities and found the programs themselves to be fairly similar. The only noticeable differences were the amenities, prestige and cost. Most treatment centers cost between $50,000 and $100,000 for a 30 day stay. The same length of stay at the Walker Center is between $8,000 and $10,000. Why the difference? Fluff and prestige.

At a higher priced rehab center there will be amenities like fluffy down comforters on the beds, 600 thread count sheets, pools, spas, beautiful rolling hills surrounding the place, hiking trails beside trickling streams, swimming pools and topiary. As for the actual program, you will get individual and group therapy, drug and alcohol education classes, an intense family program, daily exercise and nutrition.

As for scenery, Gooding, Idaho is pretty flat and desolate, but surrounded by mountains and offering the most breath-taking sunrises and sunsets I've ever seen. There are no pools or spas and the sheets leave something to be desired. (although you can bring your own) The food, however, is exceptional. This is no small thing for addicts and alcoholics who, for the most part, are severely malnourished. (Many 'upscale' rehab centers I've heard about, from people who have been to them, have mediocre food and angry, underpaid cooks.)

The treatment offered at The Walker Center is first class. Although it was just the beginning of my journey, but I don't know how I would have achieved sobriety without in-patient rehab. I owe a lot to The Walker Center - and my parents who made it possible for me to get the help I so desperately needed.

Thank you (again) mom and dad.


  1. So good to know you had parents who could, and would, help in that way. And good to spread the word about a place like that. Bets wishes to you.

  2. I'm proud of you for going to treatment and doing what it took for you to kick the meth habit. You're an inspiration to those who don't think they can stop and show that with treatment and doing the next right thing you NEVER HAVE TO USE AGAIN---- just for today!

  3. Thank you so much for your kind, supportive comments. You have no idea how good it made me feel to come home, log on and know that somebody out there is listening.

    Thank you!