Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What's in Your Bucket?

I loved the movie “The Bucket List”. Not only because two of my favorite actors were in it, but because of the idea of having a bucket list. I think that to really live life requires going beyond merely living a day to day existence. It’s not the moments in life, but the life in those moments that make life worthwhile. As long as we’re all kicking it on this spinning rock for however long we’ve got, we might as well get everything out of it we can! What do you want to do? What excites you? What do you daydream about thinking to yourself, “someday…” Wouldn’t it be fabulous if everyday were ’someday’?
The owner of the company I work for decided, somewhere around the age of thirty, that he wanted to be an MMA cage fighter. So he began training hard. His goal was to eventually get good enough to be allowed to be locked in a cage with a sweaty man and just MMA’ing the crap out of him until one of them tapped out or died - whichever came first. Suffice to say: Senor B. kicked some wimpy guy’s butt. He set a pretty difficult goal for himself and achieved it!
True, some people have pretty bizarre ways of getting all they can out of life, but who am I to judge? Besides…this writing thing hasn’t quite taken off yet and I enjoy the benefits of full time employment.
But let’s get back to mere mortals since that’s the category the rest of us fall into most of the time. Why wait until that elusive ’someday’ to come along to grab the proverbial brass ring? What do you want to do? Climb Mt. Everest? Swim with dolphins? Fly a plane? Have two babes at your beck and call 24/7? I say GO FOR IT!

My own list is short right now.
1) I want to raft the Grand Canyon
2) dress up like Janis Joplin and sing “Cry Baby” at a Karaoke joint
3) live on a houseboat for six months

Oh, and one more thing. My dad told me when I was a little girl that someday I could have a pony. He still tells me that, ”someday isn’t here yet…just wait!” Wow… my very own pony! I’m so excited!!

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