Sunday, June 21, 2009

Querying Literary Agents

**Disclaimer: To any agents I've submitted to that may be reading this post - this does NOT refer to the query I sent you. (Big cheesy grin)

I've spent the morning writing query letters to agents for my book, DISAMBIGUATION. I've been at it since 6:00 am. It's now 12:24 pm. I've submitted to five agents this morning.

The process is a lengthy one, and obviously time consuming. When querying agents you have to have a great query letter, which is basically the pitch for your book. It needs to be concise and attention grabbing. In other words, ya' gotta WOW 'em!!

In addition to that, you have to research the agents you're going to submit to. Not only to ensure that you're querying an agent that represents the type of book you've written, but to make the letter personal. Agents want to know that you know something about them other than name, rank and serial number. They want to know why you're submitting to them. It makes sense, of course, but after several hours this morning and several more last night, I'm starting to feel like it's more of a process of finding a way to kiss ass.

Oy. So far, I've queried a total of seventeen agents. I think I'll write to three more later tonight to make it an even twenty. Funny, it doesn't sound like a lot but it feels like a kajillion. (Yes, that's a word. Didn't you just read it? Okay, then.)

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