Friday, June 19, 2009

Today IS a good day

I set a new record for myself: least amount of time between jobs. Last time I had to find work, it took me ten days. This time, I was offered a position in 32 hours. (I accepted, of course.)

I feel blessed, but the emotional roller coaster, I could do without. Lots of highs and lows in the past 48 hours. From despair and disbelief, to shame and self-doubt, to worry and panic, to tentative acceptance...and now this opportunity comes from, seemingly, out of the blue.

I don't believe that things just randomly happen, but I despise the Pollyanna phrase, "everything happens for a reason." Probably because it's so cliche and I HATE cliche. But as new-agey as it sounds, I do believe that we move through this universe with a purpose. The trick...the key, is to figure out what that purpose is and to continue to move toward it while safely navigating the obstacles.

Sounds easier than it is, I know. Since I've been sober, though, it's been a hell of an adventure and a nice surprise to discover just how strong I am when I hold the belief that I will make it. I will accomplish my goal, which is to become not just a writer, but an author. Everything along the way is just navigation, and I'm much better at steering these days.

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