Friday, June 19, 2009

Today is a good day

I heard somewhere that the three biggest life stressors are divorce, a death in the family and losing your job. I have to agree because yesterday I lost my job.

Well, I didn't lose it. I know where it is. I'm just not there anymore. This is devastating, especially in this economy. The thing is, I loved my job. I thought I had found a home and I worked with some really great people who I will miss. I was good at my job, too. Very good. Then again, I've always done well at anything I've tried. So what happened? The honest truth is: I don't know. I know what I was told. I know I disputed their claims, and I know they refused to show me verification of the reasons for my termination. Instead, they showed me the door. (I'd already seen the damn door. I knew where it was, and yet they insisted on showing it to me one last time.)

So why is today a good day? Damned if I know, but I'm by God going to find a reason.
Let's see...
I finished my book and have been submitting to agents. Five rejections so far (one was a personalized "no thank you") and five that I haven't heard back from...which probably means rejection. BUT...I finished the book and I'm trying, right?

Bills are paid and I've got a little money, so we'll be okay for a little while anyway.

I'm baking bread and making soup today so my son and I have food for awhile.

I'm sober. I'm SOBER!!

Today is a good day!

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